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Monday, April 21, 2008

Dr. Youkhanna Hermez : Orthopedic surgeon

1929 - 2008

" I will live to see another Assyrian New Year and then I will die " .....
These were Doctor Youkhanna Hermez's words in his final telephone conversation with a close friend
last March . And indeed he did celebrate his final Assyrian New Year quietly in his home with his wife
And very few relatives. On Friday April, 18/2008 he gave up his fight and gave in to the ruthless disease
( Cancer ) , That left him but skeleton of the great man he was . On Sunday April, 20/2008 he laid to rest
In his native tiny village of Tel-Nasri ( Waltoo ) in the province oh Al Hassaka in northeast Syria .
Thousands of mourners from all walks of life , rich and poor , young and old , men and women ,
Assyrians and non Assyrians swarmed on the village's church ( Mart Mariam ) were his grace Mar Apram
Athniel bishop of Syria of the Assyrian Church of the east , Celebrated a mass and then conducted
The burial ceremonies . At noon he was laid to rest in his final resting place in his family's section of
The village's humble cemetery ending a journey of " 79 " Years , Often field with struggle , Hope and
Determination .
Here in Chicago A mass was celebrated for him at Mart-Mariam Assyrian church of the east in Roselle,
Illinois by father Khoshaba Boza and was attended by his relatives and friends along with hundreds of
Mourners from the Assyrian community in the greater Chicago area including civic and political leaders
And representatives .
Dr. Hermez Was a great Assyrian patriot who devoted his entire life helping his people and supporting
Their struggle for their legitimate rights . But above all he was a wonderful person who healed the sick ,
Cared for the poor and aided the needy , Assyrians and non Assyrians alike . His political endeavors
Started in the late 1960 when he helped found the Assyrian Universal Alliance ( AUA ) , And participated
In a number of conferences and meetings in various countries . He also supported the Assyrian
Democratic Organization ( ADO ) for so many years but the last 20 years of his life was devoted to
Support the Assyrian Democratic Movement .
Today Dr. Hermez is gone to meet his creator but he will live in our hearts and in the memory of our
Assyrian nation for ever . He will be missed dearly by all especially those who were close to him
Rest in peace O glorious soldier .
Here are some snap shots from the mass at (Mart Mariam ) Church in Roselle Illinois Sunday
April, 20/2008 .

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